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Exercise Resistance Bands
Description Specification a. exercise resistance bands is used for exercise, weight training, yoga and Pilates. b. Ideal exercise band for assisted pulling, chin, muscle rise, ring lift, power boost, home gym or physical therapy arm and leg trainer. c.exe
Weight Lifting Resistance Bands
Description Specification a. Weight Lifting resistance bands are made of high-quality natural latex, soft and durable, and feels comfortable when used. b. Resistance band training Good and strong resistance can strengthen your muscles and effectively impr
208cm Resistance Bands
Description Specification 1.208cm resistance bands is a versalile tool for adding resistance to stretching,lifting and body weight training exercise, resistance band exercises ,ideal for assisted pull ups and dips. 2.Made of 100% top quality natural latex
Best Resistance Bands
Description Specification 1.Resistance bands are great for Power Lifting, provide a variety of resistance levels, ranging from 5 to 260 lbs. Strengthen and stretch every major muscle group in your body without burdening tendons, joints and bones. 2.Resist
Latex Resistance Band
Description Specification a.Latex resistance band is made of 100% natural latex. b.Very smooth, seamless, no bubble, uniformity of color, anti-aging, scratch-resistant. c.Stretch to more than 6 times to its original length, can maintain memory after repea
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